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TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 1994, Disney arrives on Broadway as the full-scale live version of their animated film, Beauty and the Beast, opens at the Palace Theatre. Susan Egan stars as Belle opposite Terrence Mann as the Beast. Over the course of its 5,461 performance run, other actresses to take on the role of Belle will include Kerry Butler, Toni Braxton, Andrea McArdle and Ashley Brown.

For more on Beauty and the Beast, including production photos and a look inside the opening night Playbill, visit PlaybillVault.com.








if i don’t reblog this everyday assume i’m dead


Everyday I hear girls in the locker room
Saying things like
I’m wearing sweatpants
Because I’m fat today

Never do they say
‘Because I feel self-conscious today’
But ‘I’m fat today’
A statement of fact, rather than feeling

My best friend lives a thousand miles away
But when he hangs up the phone he tells me
“Duckling your bones are made of the same stuff as galaxies
Don’t you forget that’

And there’s a boy
Who loves me more than the moon and stars
And he makes me feel beautiful
Even when I feel as though the wildflowers that grow in my ribcage are rotting away

These girls don’t have men like that
In their lives
And yet I think they need them
To show them what they’re missing

We walk a thin line between self confidence and conceit
And we live in a society that hates the latter
And merely tolerates the first
But accepts self degradation as a normal part of youth

When I was in recovery my therapist told me to prepare for my day
Dressed only in my underwear
Because it’s impossible to feel bad about yourself
When you’re marveling at the perfection of your bare skin

It took me a long time to work up the courage
To look at my body in the mirror
And when I finally did, it drove me close to sickness
But bit by bit I began to realize that the flaws I thought I saw were but a trick of the light

Not everyone was so lucky as me
To have these second chances
And I almost didn’t live to receive mine
But here we are

Darling, don’t waste what you have
Go out, praise your own skin, love your body
Because duckling, your bones are made up of the same stuff as galaxies
Don’t you ever forget that


- I want you to know that you’re beautiful  (via waitingfor-theworld)

thisiswhatwerelivingfor asked: Hi :) once you get this, you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly then send it to your 10 favourite followers (Not back to me). Thinking good things about yourself is hard (trust me, I know), but it will make you feel good, so give It a go!

Awww thank you! Okayyyy well:
1. I am musically talented. Music is in my soul and is a part of my existence.
2. I’m smart. I do well in all my classes.
3. I put others before myself (a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing).
4. I give very good advice to those in need.
5. I am very good at getting people to laugh. I think that’s why I’m here…to make people laugh. It’s an awesome feeling when you put a smile on someone’s face or know that they are laughing because of you (in a good way, of course). :)


i think the best feeling in the world is seeing that you made someones day

Violet - TV Spot II

Holy perfection

i understand that school is important and education is important but i feel like there’s a huge difference between a healthy amount of challenge in order to do better and being so stressed about school that you break down and cry